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Special Endorsement for 'A World of Tomorrow Reimagined' by the New Zealand Embassy

The Event

Event Features

Panel discussions: Over 20 panel discussions across all five event dimensions, featuring international and national experts from fields ranging from architecture, artificial intelligence and finance to education, art, law, governance and many more.

Celebrity conversations: In-depth discussions with specialists who get to the heart of the matter, giving insights on the shape of the future.

Interactive sessions: Sessions designed to ensure maximum audience participation, with topics that affect our lives and will continue to do so in the future.

SOT Infinity: SOT ∞ sessions are designed as focused, thematic presentations to offer a variety of perspectives that help us form a clearer idea of the topic under discussion.

Comedy Night & Performances: Entertainment sessions designed to make you laugh, make you think, and make you celebrate the future.

FULL STEAM Exhibition:

A collection of multiple interpretations of artists, engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists to explore a spectrum of possible worlds in our future through the science of algorithms, the technologies of augmented and virtual reality, engineering of robotics and holography.

Press Coverage

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NewsTV.Pk – City42 Coverage: Second day of the International Conference "World of Tomorrow" organized by Beacon House
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The News:  ‘A World of Tomorrow’ festival concludes
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The News: Bigwigs feature at ‘A World of Tomorrow’ event
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Headline:  ‘Schools of future may only teach values’
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Headline: What impact will US elections have on Pakistan? (Talks about the session, ‘As the World Holds its Breath: The Oval Office and Global Security’)
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Headline: World of Tomorrow: Pakistan a classic ‘case of glass half empty, half full’ (Talks about the session ‘Moving towards a progressive Pakistan’)
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Headline: World of Tomorrow: What’s better? Schools or internet
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The Nation: (3 articles, 1 PR)
Headline: Nawaz to accept SC verdict: Ahsan (Talks about the second day of SOT and Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s session in detail)
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Headline: A World of Tomorrow ends with new goals
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PR (Corporate Corner) Link: http://nation.com.pk/business/05-Nov-2016/corporate-corner

Dawn: ‘A World of Tomorrow’ festival kicks off
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Daily Times:
Headline: Beaconhouse takes Lahoris on future trip
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Headline: Reassessment of conventional education beliefs stressed
Link: http://dailytimes.com.pk/punjab/05-Nov-16/reassessment-of-conventional-education-beliefs-stressed

Deccan Chronicle (India): ‘Experienced, sensible’ Hillary will win US presidential elections: Hina Rabbani Khar (Features the “In conversation with HRK” panel discussion at SOT2016
Link: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/world/america/061116/experienced-sensible-hillary-will-win-us-presidential-elections-hina-rabbani-khar.html

Business Recorder: People have rejected 'politics of disruption': minister
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Radio Pakistan: Ahsan stresses continuity of policies to ensure development in country
Link: http://www.radio.gov.pk/06-Nov-2016/ahsan-stresses-continuity-of-policies-to-ensure-development-in-country